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Green Solutions

At Axis, we believe that our work today affects tomorrow’s generations of Americans.  That’s why we are proud to offer our customers a variety of ‘green’ solutions.  Our Solar Reflective Cool Pavement can reduce surface heat by 30-50 degrees in the summer and reduce smog, and combats global warming by protecting asphalt from thermal heat and UV radiation, helping reduce urban heat.

We are pleased to offer the following alternatives to traditional paving products:

Our Solar Reflective Cool Pavement can reduce surface heat by 30-50 degrees in the summer and reduce smog, and combats global warming by protecting asphalt from thermal heat and UV radiation, helping reduce urban heat.  This nano-engineered high performance thin concrete can be used for application on parking lots, cross walks, school yards, and decorative public surfaces.  It saves LED lighting energy and earns LEED Carbon Offset Credits.

We also offer erosion control and sediment protection services so that our region’s most precious resources are preserved for generations to come.

Sealcoating Alternatives. Agricultural Oil Seal & Preservation Agent, a pavement maintenance solution that is 88% bio-based and contains no petroleum, making it a uniquely sustainable alternative designed specifically to maintain and preserve asphalt pavements. Some benefits of the product include: curing time of 30 minutes or less, no tracking, cost effective, reduces moisture penetration, and it is carbon negative.

Concrete Alternatives.  Slag cement is the co-product of a controlled process, iron production, which results in a very uniform composition from source to source.  Slag cement is commonly found in ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, masonry, soil cement, concrete wallboard, floor leveling compounds and high temperature resistant building products. Its measurable benefits in concrete include improved workability and finishability, high compressive and flexural strengths, and resistance to aggressive chemicals.

Photocatalytic Concrete. Photocatalysts accelerate the chemical reaction whereby strong sunlight or ultraviolet light decomposes organic materials in a slow, natural process.  When used on or in a concrete structure, photocatalysts decompose organic materials, biological organisms, and airborne pollutants.  Dirt, soot, mold, bacteria and chemicals that cause odors are among the many substances that are decomposed by photocatalytic concrete.  These compounds break down to have a minimal impact on the environment.  Photocatalytic concrete has other environmental benefits, such as reflecting much of the sun’s heat and reducing the heat gain associated with dark construction materials.  This keeps cities cooler, reduces the need for air-conditioning and reduces smog.

Coatings. A wide variety of concrete curing, coating and sealing agents are both economical and environmentally friendly and may even qualify for LEED® credits.

Concrete Repair Agent (C-Patch). This concrete repair agent is for concrete surface cracks, chips, and spals.

Asphalt Alternatives

Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Millings Restoration Agent. Allows for the conversion of reclaimed asphalt pavement, or RAP, into “new” asphalt paving material.  There is no heating involved, and no additional oil, cutback, or polymers needed for the process.

Warm-Mix Asphalt. Allows the producers of hot-mix asphalt pavement material to lower the temperatures at which the material is mixed and placed.  Such drastic cut fuel consumption and decrease the production of greenhouse gases.

High RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement) Content. The utilization of high RAP has the greatest economical, environmental, and engineering impact in pavement recycling.

Other Alternatives

Low VOC Striping Paints. Fast drying, highly durable and dirt resistant, these striping paints are VOC compliant below 150g/liter.

Rubber Parking Curb. Made from 100% recycled rubber.

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“Axis striped and sealcoated our lot after hours so that operations were unaffected.  Service was extremely fast and reliable.  I highly recommend Axis.”
-Mike Standing, Owner, Waterman’s Surfside Grille

“Axis is a professional and reliable company that gets the job done on time and on budget.”
-S.B. Ballard, S.B. Ballard Construction Company

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